20 February, 2020

    Japanese artist makes amazing animal sculptures from balloons

    The works of Masayoshi Matsumoto capture at first sight, even in the photo they look so that it is impossible to look away from them. And this is not surprising, because the Japanese artist has perfected his work for ten years. And to create these amazing sculptures, he chose a very unusual material - balloons. The Japanese proudly declares that he does not use any auxiliary means in his work - neither adhesives nor markers can be found in them. Each creation is 100% composed of balloons.

    Stunning animals, graceful birds and annoying insects with surprisingly well-developed texture exoskeletons - this is only part of Matsumoto's work. In addition to living creatures, the artist makes plants and mushrooms from balloons.

    Watch the video: Artist Creates Stunning Balloon Animals (February 2020).

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