20 February, 2020

    16 magnificent animal portraits from Andreas Haggquist with a very important message

    At the same time, art can both impress and intrigue. And in some cases it makes it possible to think about problems that are hidden much deeper than it seems at first glance. But the most amazing thing about him is that it can make us for a moment give up all domestic, insignificant worries and experiences and transfer our consciousness to a bewitching world.

    All this prompted the Swedish artist Andreas Häggqvist to create a unique art project aimed at raising people's awareness of those species that are in danger of extinction. The images that he creates evoke powerful emotions that inspire viewers to take further steps and take action.

    "As with melodies, visual images stick to us more than just words. Using the power of art, the artist really has the ability to do something for an important thing."- shares Andreas.

    Watch the video: 16 Stunning Animal Portraits By Andreas Häggkvist To Raise Awareness For Endangered Species #8 (February 2020).

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