20 February, 2020

    Sunny Gambia Bird Festival

    The Gambia has more than 540 species of birds, so many bird lovers come here every year. Exotic individuals are sometimes found even in the gardens of local hotels, not to mention special bird sanctuaries. So tourists at any time of the year must see beautiful, unusual, even rare birds. At the end of October, travelers have the opportunity to see all the most beautiful of the Gambian bird world in one festival. From October 21 to 25, the International Bird Festival will be held here. The organizers of the festival and the Gambian government are hoping in this way to attract eco-tourism lovers to the country and tell the whole world about the state’s natural resources.

    The main events will take place on the territory of the Tendaba camp, located in the interior of the country, on the banks of the Gambia River, in the immediate vicinity of the Kiang West National Park. The program includes birdwatching and photography under the guidance of experienced ornithological guides, as well as lectures and seminars on wildlife in Africa. Anyone who has been fond of birdwatching for a long time will appreciate the caches and birdwatching areas. And those who first go to get acquainted with rare birds will have an exciting adventure and new discoveries in the unique world of birds. Dawn trips and river walks, picnics on the banks of the Gambia river and trekking in the Kiang West nature reserve and other national parks, overnight stays in Tendaba camp, photography in coastal thickets where birds love to settle. Sacred ibis, African foot-footed, white-sided heron, turquoise kingfisher, gigantic heron, striped fish owl - these are just some of the species that you will definitely meet in The Gambia.

    Local travel companies have long developed and are actively offering special tours for firewalls. Special offers have been formed for those wishing to visit the Bird Festival in October of this year. The trip will cost the traveler in the amount of about 1000 to 1200 US dollars, depending on the living conditions. The price includes accommodation, meals, travel according to the program, excursions and guide services, as well as all the events within the festival.

    Festival program:

    Day One - October 20, 2016

    Transfer from hotel / airport to Tendaba camp, hotel accommodation, welcome dinner.

    Day Two - October 21, 2016

    Early rise, morning walk around the camp and watching local birds, breakfast, the opening ceremony of the festival, registration of participants, lectures and presentations, overnight in the Tendaba camp.

    Day Three - October 22, 2016

    Morning walk on the Gambia River, surrounding bays and wetlands, lunch at Tendaba camp, walk around the camp, evening lectures and presentations, overnight at Tendaba camp.

    Day Four - October 23, 2016

    Early breakfast, a trip to Kiang West National Park, lunch at Tendaba Camp, again to Kiang West National Park, return to Tendaba Camp, evening lectures and presentations, overnight at Tendaba Camp.

    Day Five - October 24, 2016

    Option 1: early breakfast, transfer by ferry to the northern bank of the Gambia River in the Kaur Swamp Zone, lunch, return to Tendaba Camp, overnight at Tendaba Camp.

    Option 2: early breakfast, transfer to Bass on the southern bank of the Gambia river, lunch with you, overnight in Bass.

    Day Six - October 25, 2016

    Breakfast, transfer to coastal areas, walk and bird watching, closing ceremony of the festival, gala dinner.

    In Russia, birdwatching is not yet as popular as, for example, in England, but it is quite possible that visiting the festival and getting to know the birds of the Gambia will expand the ranks of enthusiastic birdwatching. All that is required is binoculars and the Bird Encyclopedia. The rest will be provided by the Gambia.

    For more information, contact the representative office of the National Office for Tourism of the Gambia in Moscow:

    Office of TMI Consultancy

    Moscow, st. Trubnaya, 12

    Tel .: +7 495 795 25 58

    [email protected]

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