20 February, 2020

    A terrible reality: in Africa, albino people are killed to make amulets of them

    Being a native of the African continent and at the same time an albino is a terrible and difficult fate. Here such people are considered almost demigods. But instead of worshiping and worshiping them, they ... are being killed. The thing is that, according to the rest of the inhabitants of these lands, parts of the body of albinos possess magical powers. Thus, people born with such a genetic disorder are constantly hunted.

    An albino child sits between ordinary black parents.

    Albino body parts are used in magic rituals.

    Local shamans use the skin, arms, legs, hair and blood of albinos in the process of making amulets, as well as during various witchcraft rituals. For all these parts of the body in Africa, you can earn very good money, which turns albinos into targets.

    Aboriginal people of Africa kill albinos for amulets.

    In one of the districts of Malawi, for example, 6 people have already been killed since the beginning of the year. Many albinos remain disabled, losing limbs. Typically, this occurs as a result of terrible raids, during which people with white skin and blond hair are cut off their arms and legs. Those who live with such unusual people in the same village do not even try to protect their fellow villagers, because they believe that they bring failure.

    Albino woman with her ordinary black child.

    As you know, albinism is a genetic disorder in which the body lacks an enzyme involved in the formation of skin and hair pigment. The frequency of birth of albinos around the world is 1: 10,000 cases, but in Africa this figure is much higher - 1: 1400.

    Catherine Amidou, 12 year old albino girl from Malawi.

    Despite the fact that law enforcement agencies are chasing albino hunters and even have the right to kill them in an attempted assassination attempt, this does not affect the terrifying situation.

    Being a white African is dangerous.

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