20 February, 2020

    The fight against poachers on Lake Baikal

    State inspectors of the Monakhovo cordon are like a bone in the throat for local poachers.

    Trying to save Baikal and the fauna of the lake for us, the guys literally do not sleep for two or three days, sit in night ambushes, go out in raids, watch, look, look.

    Today I will show you how ice inspectors work, how they look for nets and get them, how the fishermen check.

    Sit back!

    The post could be safely entitled "One Day with State Inspectors", on ice we spent the whole daylight hours.

    I gathered quickly, took my wife with me, called on the photographer Alexander Garmaev and IP editor Anastasia Ayusheeva.

    By this post I open a series of publications about the Trans-Baikal National Park, state inspectors, life and nature.

    After a short briefing and a meeting at the airliner, inspectors begin their work. Wells recently hollowed out by poachers to set up nets are immediately noticeable.

    We find one and clear it.

    Then Alexander enters with a trawl. The trawl (a metal pin with hooks) throws at an angle into the hole and, pulling it out, tries to pick up the net.

    If this is an intermediate hole or if the ends of the net are down.

    So far, nothing we’re going on, the guys have found a lot of fresh holes, you need to check more in a short day.

    This, by the way, is a piranha airliner.

    Jan and Volodya open the next hole, release the casually hidden green rope.

    The poachers who set up this network were especially impudent; they did not even mask the end.

    Pull, and then the network appeared. Green Chinese, mesh fifty millimeters, per whitefish. Omul passes through this, but a large whitefish gets stuck.

    The whitefish has spawning, it is impossible to catch it now.

    This is the first victim of poachers.

    Apparently recently set, whitefish is small.

    Vladimir and Ian pulled the net from another hole at this time. There is more damage to nature.

    Ian does not spare the net, snapping fish just cuts it.

    Net and fish pack, recount.

    The sun goes down, and then another network ...

    And this is a test of fishermen with permission, they passed by, their networks ... with a mesh of 30 mm, whitefish will not fall into this.

    Such fishermen have all the catch documents with them.

    It’s strange for me, okay, this is a small team, but there is still a quota for industrial fishing in the reserve. Some kind of sur.

    But back to the poachers. Four networks removed. Put it all in bags.

    The nets will be cut, handed over with papers and fish to the local police department.

    Recent hole checks that day.

    And we are going.

    They returned to the cordon when the sun disappeared behind the mountains. The guys were tired, before this night they sat in an ambush on ice.

    Immediately fell into sleep.

    Watch the video: Tracking Poachers On The Trans-Siberian Railway 2019 (February 2020).

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