20 February, 2020

    One in one - marvelous "nesting doll" from lakes and islands, created by nature

    Since childhood, we all remember the toy matryoshka, when inside one beauty another was hiding, and in it another one. However, a creation created by this principle exists in nature, and it is located in the Philippines. We are talking now about the unusual lake Taal. In this pond there is a volcano island of the same name, inside which there is also a charming islet Vulcan Point, and all this is located on the larger island of Luzon. So it turns out the island in the lake, located on the island in another lake, located in turn, also on the island. Terrific, isn't it! When nature creates such miracles, it leads in a truly indescribable delight.

    The third-order island is the smallest of the whole "nesting doll", it was formed during the destruction of the crater of the Taal volcano. Since 1572, this volcano erupted more than 30 times, it is constantly monitored by seismological services. Thousands of tourists come to the province of Batangas to admire the smallest and lowest active volcano. Tours for travelers here are organized by a safe road along the Tagatey Taal Ridge.

    After people died as a result of strong volcanic activity, it is forbidden to live and build houses in these places, but nevertheless, not everyone left their native lands. Lake water here is the habitat of very rare species of fish and water snakes, and the constantly erupting ash has become an excellent soil for growing grain. But beautiful views of the freshwater lake and green forests attract not only the local population, but also many tourists. From all over the world, they come here to get an unforgettable experience from the scenery and experience adrenaline from the proximity to an active volcano.

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