20 February, 2020

    How it was: Americans landing on the moon

    On this day, exactly fifty years ago, a part of the Saturn V spacecraft fell into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. On board were three people who were waiting for the whole planet: Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. Behind was one of the largest programs in human history: the landing on the only satellite of the Earth - the moon. These three astronauts became heroes not only of America, but of the whole world.

    Then a lunar walk was made by two of these people: Aldrin and Armstrong. Collins was left to wait for the return of his colleagues in orbit. The Eagle module (or "Eagle"), designed for landing, stood on the surface of the satellite for almost a day. The astronauts left the ship only once, but their walk lasted two and a half hours. During this time, they collected soil samples that were delivered to their home planet, and stuck a flag.

    A test of one of the suits designed to go to the moon. Mojave Desert, California. Seven years before the flight.

    John Kennedy almost immediately, when he came to power, gave instructions to land on a satellite of the Earth until the end of the sixth decade of the twentieth century. In the photo, the president visits Huntsville, where rockets were built to learn about progress. Seven years before rocket launch.

    Tests in weightlessness. Buzz Aldrin is looking directly at the camera. Five years later he will visit the moon.

    Werner von Braun in his office. It was he who created the Saturn-V rocket.

    Astronauts posing with a satellite model. Four months before landing.

    Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins

    Tourists who come to Florida to see for themselves the beginning of the flight. On the eve of July 16, when the launch was scheduled, about half a million spectators gathered near the space center.

    At the start.

    The crowd watches as a rocket soars into the air.

    Former President Lyndon Johnson is no exception.

    Inspection of the Eagle the day before the landing.

    Buzz Aldrin

    Detach the Eagle from the rocket.

    July 21 at 02:56 Armstrong stepped on the lunar surface. Fifteen minutes later, Aldrin followed him. In the frame is Buzz's leg.

    Our planet is over Eagle.

    Perhaps the most famous shot: Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. In the glass you can see Armstrong, who captured their common walk. We know this frame in a slightly different version: behind is a black sky, which occupies a significant part of the picture. In fact, the photos were finalized at NASA.

    Moon walk

    Armstrong capturing his shadow. In the background is the Eagle, on which astronauts have landed.

    This is what our home planet looks like.

    Return to Earth.

    People celebrate the successful completion of the space program.

    Wives of astronauts next to the trailer where their husbands are waiting for the end of quarantine.

    New Yorkers welcome astronauts. People marched in several cities in the United States.

    Watch the video: The history of the Apollo 11 moon landing (February 2020).

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