20 February, 2020

    Chinese metropolis of the future, where fiction coexists with traditions

    In 1968, China took the first step towards reform, as a result of which the once-closed communist society opened up to rapid globalization. This transformation of mentality, economy and culture was supposed to turn China into a modern superpower.

    Over the past forty years, China has experienced the largest and fastest industrialization and urbanization in history. Chongqing City is a true embodiment of the evolution of Chinese transformation. Belgian architectural photographer Chris Provost has documented the development of this growing metropolis and its transformation into the city of the future. His photographs also reflect the problems that haunt the city on this thorny path.

    The photographer says that for three days he took pictures of Chongqing, focusing on density, transport and humanity. Two dozen shots of which the series “Man vs. City” consists of show how the city lives, how the past and the future coexist in this huge village, and how people cope with all this madness.

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