20 February, 2020

    Yoko Ishii removes deer walking freely around the city of Nara

    What you see below is completely true, real pictures, so do not try to find traces of photoshop on them. This is surprising, but in the Japanese city of Nara, sika deer live completely free and walk among people on city sidewalks and streets. Here, these animals are considered sacred and protected by law, so they can freely move wherever the soul desires.

    They walk around open shops, malls and roads, and photographer Yoko Ishii, fascinated by these graceful creations, never ceases to take pictures of them. Once, many years ago, she first saw deer at the intersection of streets surrounded by urban infrastructure. The contrast and beauty of this spectacle inspired Ishii to create a series of photographs dedicated to sika deer in Nara.

    With her project, the Japanese wanted to show how animals, whose forests and thickets are considered their natural habitat, behave in an ordinary city.

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