20 February, 2020

    Naked faces: the photographer shot people dressed and naked, and then compared their faces

    Looking at these close-up portraits by Dylan Hamm, you probably won't notice much of a difference. To many, they may even seem almost identical. But you will start with much more interesting to consider the pictures when you learn about the features of this photo shoot. If for one photograph a person was photographed in his usual form, then for the second - completely naked.

    To be naked in front of the camera of an unfamiliar photographer is a task that not everyone can do. This is always a significant way out of the comfort zone. Of course, a lot depends on how confident the shooting hero is.

    In 2016, Hamm came up with the interesting idea of ​​a photo project - to show how our faces sometimes speak louder than words using the example of a stranger's photo shoot.

    At the same time, the photographer decided not to indicate on which side the face of the still dressed person is, and on which side is already naked. Dylan wished to make a project in the form of a guessing game and give the audience the opportunity to decide for themselves which of the pictures depicts a person slightly out of place. Try to guess!

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