20 February, 2020

    How the most famous cities of the world have changed over several decades

    The world is changing at such a speed that we are simply not able to notice all these big and small changes. But if you look at it from a distance of decades, then metamorphoses become not just obvious, but colossal! Some places on our planet have gone through such a path of transformation in several decades that today they cannot be recognized. However, other famous corners almost did not change during the same period of time. Let's compare the look of the most famous cities in the world now and many years ago.

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Seoul, South Korea

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    New York, USA

    Moscow, Russia

    Paris, France

    Berlin, Germany

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Singapore, Republic of Singapore

    Tokyo, Japan

    London, Great Britain

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Sydney, Australia

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