20 February, 2020

    13 facts you should know about Armenia

    Armenia, a country of southern Transcaucasia, is very comfortable among the delightful mountains and beautiful plains. A trip to this amazing country will turn into an unforgettable adventure for you. This place gives its guests rich impressions: the incomparable nature and hospitable locals will win your heart from the first minute. The culture and traditions of the Armenian people are so interesting that you should get acquainted with them now. Let's start with the most important facts that you will be curious to learn about this country.

    The small state of Armenia is located on the border with countries such as Georgia, Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

    Armenia gained independence in 1991, leaving the composition of the USSR.

    In memory of the great victory of the Soviet Union over the Nazis, a monument to Mother Armenia was erected in Yerevan.

    In 1915, the Ottoman Empire organized the Armenian Genocide, which killed about 1.5 million people.

    There are many world celebrities of Armenian origin.

    Among them are the Kardashian family and singer Cher - her father was a native of Armenia.

    Armenia has rather complicated relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan.

    The issue of Turkey’s recognition of the genocide of the Armenian people remains open, which causes conflicts. After the collapse of the USSR, a war broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh.

    Armenia is the first Christian state.

    Christianity became the state religion here in 301.

    In the country there are still churches that are several centuries old.

    Among them are the monasteries of Geghard and Sevanavank. The latter was built back in 874, but is well preserved to this day.

    There are amazing singing fountains in Armenia. They are in Yerevan.

    In Armenia, they love chess.

    Armenians play chess very well, and chess is a compulsory subject in schools. Perhaps that is why Armenia was included in the list of countries with the largest number of grandmasters per capita.

    The symbol of Armenia is Mount Ararat.

    Ararat, although it has departed to Turkey, is still a symbol of Armenia, depicted on the country's coat of arms.

    The Armenian alphabet is one of the most advanced alphabets in the world. Also on this list are Georgia and Korea.

    The alphabet in this country is even dedicated to monuments.

    They also like to portray him on pastries.

    Armenia is famous for its cognac, fruit and pita bread.

    Armenians are scattered literally around the world.

    There are even Lebanese Armenians, who in this country number from 140 to 165 thousand.

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