20 February, 2020

    Gold rush: every participant in the festival in Magadan can wash their own gold

    In mid-June in the Magadan region there will be a festival of artisanal craftsmanship, where everyone can try themselves as a gold miner and feel the spirit of the gold rush. Gold is proposed to be washed in the simplest way, and according to the results of the competition, the winner will receive a substantial cash prize. We offer you to find out why this festival is held in the Magadan region and how much gold is in the bowels of this Russian region.

    The Magadan Region, where 25-30 tons of gold is mined annually, accounts for a quarter of all gold mining in Russia. Here is 15% of ore reserves and 11% of alluvial gold of our country. In addition to gold, significant reserves of silver, tin, tungsten, molybdenum, and many other valuable metals are concentrated in this region. The reason for such a rich subsoil lies in the geological structure of the region. The Magadan region is located within the northwestern part of the Pacific ore belt, in which significant reserves of ore minerals of our planet are concentrated.

    Gold mining in the territory of the Magadan region has been conducted for more than 80 years. During this time, over 3,000 tons of gold were mined in the region. The region has about 2,000 alluvial gold deposits and more than 10 ore deposits. Among the main deposits can be called such as Natalka, Shkolnoye, Juliet, Svetloye, Dukat, Lunnoye. There are more than 150 gold mining companies in the region, and they also make refined gold from it - gold bullion.

    Magadan has solid experience in gold mining, and the regional leadership believes that this base will allow the region to develop industrial tourism. This type of travel, during which tourists visit industrial sites and get acquainted with the work of interesting enterprises, has already become extremely popular in Europe. The region’s leadership hopes that the annual festival of artisanship will become one of the points of development of the recreational potential of the territory.

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