20 February, 2020

    4 most interesting places of Georgia without Tbilisi and Batumi

    In recent years, Georgia has attracted tourists so much that it is already becoming difficult to meet a person who would not be in this beautiful place or at least was not going to go there soon. But, as a rule, the majority is limited to the capital Tbilisi and sea Batumi. And this is not entirely correct. Having traveled all over Georgia from all sides, he decided to collect a personal top from the most interesting places in the country, excluding Tbilisi and Batumi, because everyone will come there anyway.

    Ushguli. The highest mountain settlement in Georgia and Europe

    Ushguli community is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters above the sea, and it is one of the highest mountain settlements in Europe. The community is located in a real wilderness, at the foot of snow-capped mountains, in the farthest corner of the picturesque Upper Svaneti, in fact this is the most remote place where you can climb in Georgia.

    Svans live here, they are considered a very harsh people. For centuries, they live in one place and do not integrate into the rest of the world. Now tourists are helping them earn a living, but you should not rely on a sincere conversation, the Svans are very silent and closed, while there is no aggression from them either, they just live on their own, and they do not need anyone extra. Thanks to the preserved architectural ensemble of Ushguli, the entire Upper Svaneti region has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The stone towers in the photo are more than 700 years old!

    Inguri hydroelectric station. Friendship Place of Georgia and Abkhazia

    The only place where Georgia officially cooperates with unrecognized Abkhazia is on the Inguri River. The thing is that the largest Inguri hydroelectric station in the Caucasus is located right there, and there. And without cooperation, at once the two sides would have been left without energy, so forced friendship has been going on for almost 25 years, from the very beginning of the conflict, for all this time, despite being close to military operations, not a single shot was fired here.

    This is the largest hydroelectric power station in the Caucasus. Just a gigantic scale, the height of the dam is 271.5 meters, the length is 728 meters! The Inguri reservoir stretches for more than 20 kilometers, 1110 million cubic meters of water! And about here begins the aforementioned Upper Svaneti - the most beautiful highland region of Georgia. The Inguri River, on which the hydroelectric power station stands, flows directly from the glaciers near the village of Ushguli.

    The Georgian side plans to develop tourism. According to the plan, there will be a museum and tourist center and even cable cars through the reservoir!

    Chiatura. City of Flying Pepelatsev

    For more than a hundred years, manganese was mined in this city, but over time, industry was bent, and residents began to leave the city. Today the city is a half-ruined and half-abandoned high-rise buildings, as well as several real Pepelians flying around the city! Perhaps this is the most depressed place in Georgia, but it is incredibly interesting!

    In the 19th century, the city was not here, and indeed, there was nothing, but manganese ore was found in the rocks. The construction of mines and mines began, and began on such a scale that already at the beginning of the 20th century, more than half of all manganese in the world was mined in Georgia! The city was founded in 1921. The districts of the city and the mines were scattered on different hills, and because of these features of the terrain, cable cars began to be built in the 50s. In this small town there were about 20 of them at once, ore was transported through them, people used to get from one district of the city to another, to work and home from work. These flying cars are a bit like regular minibuses. Such an amount of cable city transport was not anywhere in the world!

    Today, most of the cable cars no longer work, the mines have closed, people have left. But the surviving remains of that era are beautiful, and the cable car trailers look like real Pepelians from the famous film "Kin-dza-dza". Several trailers are still on the move and every day transport local residents and rare visiting tourists to one of the districts of the city on a high hill. Travel is free!

    Georgian car cemetery

    An amazing private retro car museum is located in the small village of Pasanauri on the Georgian Military Highway, dozens of unique rusted cars are simply scattered around one of the houses ...

    The urban-type settlement Pasanauri is located on the Georgian Military Highway 88 kilometers from Tbilisi. Everything that tourists tell about him is about khinkali, here is the real birthplace of the main Georgian dish. But they only talk about this, and the locals do not use this fact in any way, there are several roadside cafes in the village, including those with the most ordinary khinkali and without any hint of their homeland, there are hundreds of such cafes all over the country. Why is that? This remains a mystery. But khinkali fade into the background, thanks to one local resident who collects old cars and collected them already in a good museum.

    One of the neighbors said that a young boy has been involved in these cars, he is only 40 years old (yes, for Georgia this is still a very young boy), he has been collecting for more than ten years. The exhibits are stored right on the road near the house and in the territory behind the house, where others usually plant cucumbers.

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