20 February, 2020

    The dog ate the wedding photos and the couple began to recreate them all over the world.

    All couples who played the wedding, with great impatience and excitement, expect from the photographer pictures of the celebration. Londoners Che Dyer and her husband Warren were no exception. And given the fact that the girl herself is very passionate about photography, one can imagine with what responsibility she approached the choice of a wedding photographer and with what trepidation she then waited for the photographed material. So when the photographer wrote to Che that his dog had ruined the hard drives and there would be no photos, the British cried for several hours in a row.

    After some time, the young couple gathered to attend a music festival outside their hometown. Che took her wedding dress with her to take some ridiculous pictures - at least something in return for the wedding photos they had not received. So the couple had the idea to take a dress with them on all their next trips around the world to make a truly impressive "wedding" collection. And so they got it!

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